About Sewa Trust

The Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), is a registered trade union of 1.1 million poor self employed women workers of the country. In India about 92 per cent of the work force is with the informal economy and percentage is much higher among women workers. Contribution from the informal economy to the country’s NDP is over 60 per cent but unlike the formal sector they do not receive regular salaries and welfare benefits. To address the issues of women in informal economy, Shri Elaben Bhatt founded SEWA in 1972 with the objective of organizing women workers in the informal economy so that they are able to get full employment and become self reliant. This was achieved through the dual strategy of struggle and development – struggle against constraints and limitations imposed on women by society and the economy, whereas development activities strengthened women’s bargaining power and offered them new alternatives. SEWA particularly addresses the following problems that women from this sector generally face:
  • Irregular Income and employment
  • Lack of bargaining power
  • Lack of working capital
  • Non-ownership of assets
In 1974, at the initiative of 4000 self-employed women workers who contributed a share capital of Rs. 10 each, Shri Mahila Sewa Sahakari Bank Limited was established with the specific objective of providing credit to these women so as to empower them and free them from the vicious cycle of eternal debt that they incurred under the clutches of loan sharks. Currently SEWA Bank has over 318,594 account holders with a total working capital of Rs. 1291.89 million (March, 2009).
In 1992, SEWA’s Executive Committee decided that housing related activities of SEWA and SEWA Bank required consolidation and expansion. This was largely prompted by the internal research of SEWA Bank which indicated that more than one-third of all loans were used for housing, and that, at least 80 per cent of those loans were spent on housing related activities, including water connections, construction of toilets and drains, and acquiring electricity. So in 1994, Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT) was officially registered with the overall objective of improving housing and infrastructure conditions of poor women in the informal sector.

Luxury Home Builders Can Create Your Dream Home

When people are looking for a chance to build their dream home, they can work with luxury home builders to make that dream come true. A luxury home builder can provide insight and connections that other builders do not have. Also, the luxury home builder knows how to offer luxury without overcharging at every step of the process.

Building Materials

Every home is the same when people get behind the walls. The framing and interior of the house are all the same whether the homes are luxury homes or not with Luxury Home Builders Melbourne – lbdhomes.com.au. The luxury home builder know how to keep costs down in the framing so that the house does not become prohibitive in its price when it is finished.

Interior Finishing

When the luxury home builder is finishing the interior of the home, they are going to create a feel of luxury with the help of nice paint, textures on the walls and beautiful tiles. The interior finishing of the house provides a canvas onto which the homeowners can place their belongings. This also allows for the homeowners to have a gorgeous hose regardless of what they put in it. Taking this amount of care with the interior makes the home much nicer.


The fixtures in the home can make the home scream luxury at every step. The faucets, knobs, spigots and light fixtures can all be used to create a style that the homeowner will appreciate. When the homeowner has been given a chance to have these nice fixtures in their home, they get a house that looks good before they move into it.

The Exterior

When the luxury home builder finishes the house, they can put in nice gardening, a pool and exterior pieces that make the home look amazing. These finishing pieces make it much easier for the homeowner to keep the house looking nice, and these finishing pieces allow the house to look good on its own. The homeowner does not have to do anything but move in.

When a luxury home builder completes a house in this style, they are creating a home that can stand on its own. The homeowner can move into a house that already looks beautiful and simply needs occupants.

Luxury Home Builders: Melbourne Residents Choose Customization

Some buildings are not exactly designed to the specifications of their future residents due to the fast pace of new construction as Australia’s second largest city continues to grow. However, the luxury home builders Melbourne residents are increasingly hiring do offer something other than the same repetitive designs that can’t possibly satisfy everyone. At the same time these builders are acknowledging that the average home buyer does not have more than a passing familiarity with architectural design or other practical considerations. The luxury home builders Melbourne residents are engaging to develop their new homes are able to bring their expertise to each situation and create plans that satisfy the wants and needs of the luxury buyer.

Many of the luxury home builders Melbourne residents consult are asked to meet the specific demands of their clients. However, in the end, the buyers who are most satisfied with their homes are often those that approach their builders with information about their needs and preferences rather than specific designs. Luxury home builders have the expertise to develop the most appropriate design for the resident who strongly prefers simple, open spaces. These builders also have the expertise to develop the best design for the resident who prefers ornate design elements or an enclosed floor plan that promotes privacy.

Thanks to luxury home builders, Melbourne residents now have plenty of choices rather than finding themselves living in places that feel more like houses than true homes. Some buyers appreciate particular comforts of home more than others, and a custom builder can identify and establish these comforts with professionalism and ease. Not every resident is the same, and sometimes living in true luxury means finding a builder who recognizes this. The number of luxury home builders Melbourne residents employ is rising as quickly as new local construction.

How to Choose Among Luxury Home Builders in Melbourne

When choosing luxury home builders, Melbourne residents have to narrow the possibilities down to the best then perform more research. The builder determines the quality of the home down to every minute detail. It’s important to trust the builder when a purchasing a high-end, luxury home.

Research Area Builders
The choice of luxury home builders in Melbourne might be a short list, but each should be fully investigated before potential buyers purchase a home from them. The local builder’s association will have a list of luxury home builders Melbourne buyers can check. After making a list, find out if friends or family have used any of these builders. It helps to have personal recommendations.

Interview Luxury Home Builders in Melbourne
It helps to have a list of questions handy when interviewing. Buyers should ask whether there is customizing that can be done. Buyers should find out whether the builder offers a warranty, and whether he will provide references.

Purchasers should ask the following questions too.

  • Is there a home owner’s association in the neighborhood?
  • Do the quoted prices include upgrades or landscaping?
  • Are there restrictions the buyer should consider?

Check References
If the builder has provided references, call them. Find out whether there have been any problems with the workmanship of the home. In some cases, drive by to see if the residents are home. Weekends are best for this because the owners might be outdoors working on the landscaping. They might be willing to chat about the builder’s workmanship and professionalism. If they are particularly friendly, they might even give a tour of the home.

When searching for luxury home builders in Melbourne, buyers will want to feel comfortable with the skill as well as the trustworthiness and professionalism of the builder. It’s the foundation for a smooth buying experience.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

The decision to move forward and begin building your dream home is often met with both excitement and stress. While you may be excited about finally moving forward with a project that you have been dreaming about for years and seeing your dream home come to life, you may also be stressed about finding luxury home builders Melbourne that can build a quality home that meets your expectations with flawless results. There are a few factors to consider as you make your selection.

The Style and Quality of Homes
There are numerous luxury home builders Melbourne that you can choose to contract with for services, and you can begin learning more about them by exploring the pictures of completed projects on their websites. You will instantly notice that each builder has a unique style of home that they specialize in, and you may find that some styles appeal to you more than others. While any skilled and experienced builder may execute a specific style, the fact is that builders who have significant experience building the style of home that you want to build may be a better fit for you. They may have relationships with the right subcontractors and know secrets of the trade that apply to a specific style to give you flawless results.

The Experience and Skills of the Builder
In addition to reviewing the quality and style of the homes that different luxury home builders Melbourne have experience with, you may want to take a closer look at the skills and experience of the different builders. Builders can only showcase a limited number of homes on their website, and this can be a misleading source of information regarding the builder’s experience. Inquire about the builder’s years of experience and number of projects completed. You may also inquire about the current project load, number of support staff and specialized skills or accomplishments that the builder has.

Building your dream home may be a once in a lifetime experience for you, and you understandably want the entire process to go off without a hitch. More than that, you want the end result to be a home that you love and that you are proud to live in. Selecting luxury home builders Melbourne is the first step in the building process, and you can enjoy the best results when you research these factors more thoroughly.